Hear what others have to say...

If you have very little capital, this is truly a no-brainer. Our growth shows this works!

"I have been an employee and worked very hard for many years making my bosses rich! I also have owned traditional businesses. The last one, I invested over $100,000 and worked 6 days a week, with all the worry and stress to make a new business show a little profit. Have you tried asking a bank for a business loan, then you have to build from business.

Does it work? When I got started, I relied on the CMF system almost exclusively to build my business. Within the first six months I was promoted to Director and Sr. Director in the same month. Twelve months later I was promoted another two ranks to Coordinator and Sr. Coordinator. Again, both in the same month!

In my first year, my personal volume increased 374% and my business volume increased 1124%. Plus, not only did I qualify early for the incentive trip, but I qualified 4 people and was recognized in 5 Star Achiever categories. My kids and I have had our last three vacations paid for, and qualified for the car!

I believe that this system is the main reason for my growth. In my opinion, it takes much longer to grow using just the warm market, it later gave me the confidence to talk to those people who saw me struggle with other networking companies in the past. By using CMF, I was not limited to my geographical location or to social circles. If I need more people to talk to, I simply add more leads to my system.

Create My Future takes the fear factor out of contacting people who are looking for something, I just see if they want what we have! I tried other things, but with the combination this system, the company with its sterling reputation, our team, along with our training and support... the only way you could fail is if you quit.

My growth shows it works! Now I train weekly online using this system to guide others to do the same."

Cheryl Dealbert

Directors in less than 3 months - CMF convinces people that this business is real and can work for them.

"Since we were involved in the network marketing industry before, we were keenly aware of how important it is to have a system for generating new business and following up. Once we saw the CMF system and how it integrated so well with this company's marketing plan, we were confident that we could join this team, follow their system and training, and be successful too.

We signed up immediately, began our training and promoted to a business leader in less than 3 months. The CMF system is what convinces people that this business opportunity is real and can work for them.

John is a business law attorney, Debra a law office administrator we have spent the last 20+ years building a law practice. An economic downturn took its toll on our business and our financial resources. We are big believers in promoting natural health solutions for optimal health and wellness. We joined this company to promote their mission and purpose, as well as to build up our future retirement funds and create a residual income that would financially support us and our family for many years to come."

John & Debra Schulenburg

We have experienced double volume increases each year. Plus we AND our team regularly promote in rank, receive top growth awards and earn the annual incentive trips!

"When we saw the Create My Future System we knew this was the vehicle that we could use. We were specifically looking to start a Network Marketing Business in order to produce a residual income for ourselves. We were opposed to having to approach our friends and family to start our business, so when we saw this system, we knew it was a great alternative.

We did have an obstacle to overcome because we were computer illiterate. However, we were more willing to learn computer skills than we were about approaching the friends and the family. Fortunately, we found the system to be very user friendly. The system does the presenting for us, then, sorts our prospects according to their seriousness. The follow up process is simple because the Create My Future System provides phone scripts and pre-written e-mails for us to use.

The best part of using the Create My Future System is being able to plug our team members directly into the same system in order to create a quick and easy duplication process.

Thanks to Create My Future, we have experienced double volume increases each year. Plus, we AND our team regularly promote in rank, receive top growth awards and earn the annual incentive trips. We hate to think where we would be without this system, this business and the great team of people we have in our group because of it."

Lou Ann & Alan Salmon

I work my business part time... and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%!

"Before CMF, I built my business the "old fashioned" way...meeting twice a week in hotels. When my 102 year old grandmother, who was living with us, required more help from me, it became more and more difficult for me to leave home to build my business. I saw the CMF System as an answered prayer.

The first year using CMF was fun, challenging and sometimes I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. What a surprise it was to discover that I qualified for the incentive trip! When my grandmother's needs pulled me from my business almost entirely, the CMF System was still at work! People were still visiting my site and signing up! With the help of CMF, I was able to maintain my position, even though I wasn't proactively building my business. That's powerful!

After Grandma passed away at 104 yrs old, I went back to work with CMF and PhoneBurner. My volume increased over 15% and I was recognized as Star Achiever in two categories.

Just a quick note about PhoneBurner™…

Before PhoneBurner™, there were times while leaving a message that I'd stumble over my words and sound anything but "professional." I can't count the times I wished I could erase it and start over.

Now with PhoneBurner™, I leave a PERFECT message, EVERY TIME AND I reach more people so much faster! I work my business part time, so every minute is valuable and this tool has increased my productivity by 400%!"

Denise Ribstein

With CMF I was able to do more in 3 months, than I was able to achieve in the 3 years of being in business.

"I tried several programs that promised to build my business. All I did was build someone else's list, so they could promote other products to them. Once I got serious about using the CMF system, I was able to do more in 3 months, than I was able to achieve in the 3 years of being in business.

I received my very first check and have made so many new friends I can hardly believe it. Everything you need is within the CMF system, with leaders that have the integrity to share proven steps to success. CMF is already helping to Create a Better Future for my family."

Delores Montez

The training and support is second to none!

"I haven't had a full time job in 15 years and have no intention of looking for one. Having a home based business has given me my life back. No commute, no office politics and best of all no boss. The combination of a socially responsible, world class company and the Create My Future system is unbeatable. The training and support is second to none so that even the newest member of the team can be up and running their first day.

The CMF system does all the preliminary work for me of finding people that are interested in what we have to offer so I can concentrate on answering questions, building a relationship, having fun and helping others achieve the success they desire."

Arnold Hella

The phone scripts and emails are all written for me

"I am a teacher. I am building this business part-time because, as with my current profession, I can help and teach people to succeed and have a better life. I also wanted to supplement my current income while working from home and in the process build a retirement income that will remain solid through residual income.

I love using CMF because it places more people in front of a presentation and the online movie presentation works for me even when I am not online. It saves me time because I don't have to travel and I can work from home. My main job is following up with people and the phone scripts and emails are all written for me. The system is working 24/7 even while I am away from it. It is a simple system to follow and has really motivated me and given me a spark plug to increase my business volume. The ongoing training is fabulous as well. This company and system have changed my life. And the products have helped me feel better, too. I have more energy, sleep well at night, have no aches and pains, and my skin looks and feels great. People often think I am younger than I look."

Patrick Schiefelbein

I travel across the country and needed a business that was portable.

"I like Create My Future because it is set up to be my office anywhere I go. I travel across the country and needed a business that was portable. The CMF site makes it possible for me to make my lead calls from any hotel or airport that I use. No matter what time zone I am in and what time I have to use it, CMF is ready when I am.

The CMF system has helped me stay on pace to grow my business and has helped me build to a level that has earned me three growth bonuses in a short period of time. I know that I could not have done this by prospecting with just a yellow tablet and all the names of people in my circle of acquaintances.

The best part of the system is that I am building my group nationally. I have team members from Florida to California and from Wisconsin to my home in Texas. What a great way to find people from all over the country.

I will keep using the system so that I can make this business grow and at some point, be able to make this my full time job… from anywhere I want to set up shop."

Tony Ruck

CMF tells me what prospect I should be in front of first… and has made me more efficient than I ever thought possible.

"Using CMF has simplified the process of prospecting, follow-up and helps keep my business running. It sifts and sorts though my entire database and tells me what prospect I should be in front of first. I love the automated email system. If I had to remember to send emails to my entire data base I would go crazy. CMF has made me more efficient than I ever thought possible."

Scott Newland

I was able to quit the Corporate "Rat Race" and now earn a full-time income... working part-time... and I don't ever have to leave the house!

"I originally tried the products because I had terrible sinus allergies. With a money-back guarantee, I figured that I had nothing to lose. Within three weeks, people around me started asking what I was doing... because they noticed that I wasn't suffering from sinus allergies any longer! When I told them about these products, they wanted to try them.

Over a few months, I had built a business.

Over the next 20 years, while working a full-time job in the broadcasting industry, and then the consulting industry, my little "side-business" earned me nearly half a million dollars.

Eventually, I got so burned-out from working 60-70 hours a week that I decided to go "full-time" with my "side-business." I just didn't want to do it the old-fashioned way, beating up on family and friends.

When I saw CreateMyFuture, I knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. An internet-based system that does the presenting and sorting for me. All I needed to do was follow-up with interested prospects... answer their questions... and get them started right by plugging them into the exact system I was using!

Since I started using CreateMyFuture, I've been able to quit the Corporate "Rat Race" and I earn a full-time income... working part-time... and I don't ever have to leave the house!

The best part... with this system anyone can do the same thing I've done! "

Zal Fink

I tried 3 other home-based businesses... and failed at all of them!

"I was just about ready to give up on the whole idea of making money from home...until I saw the CreateMyFuture system. I immediately saw that this system had what the others didn't. CreateMyFuture has the organization, the scripts, the follow-up e-mails, and the autoresponders I needed to develop a growing home-based business using the Internet.

Marketing my business is as simple as loading some pre-screened leads into the CreateMyFuture and letting it automatically send out autoresponders for me. Within a couple days, I'll have 15-20 people who have already gone to my website and are waiting for a call from me. In my CreateMyFuture backoffice, I can see what parts of my Marketing Site they've visited... and even how much of the presentation they've watched, down to the second! All I have to do is contact them using the pre-written scripts... send the "One-Touch" follow-up emails... and answer their questions about this home-based business.

When I look back at the 3 other home-based businesses, I realize that I didn't fail in them... THEY failed ME! They didn't give me a system like CreateMyFuture! My business has grown every month since I've been using CreateMyFuture... and I'm growing a group of people who are working with me throughout the USA."

Fred Starck

In the last 5 years alone, Shaklee has paid us $792,815.

"When a college friend of Mike's showed us Shaklee, he must have known how much we were struggling with credit card bills, college debts, new mortgage payments, old furniture, no savings, a furnace that had just died and a car that was about to. The Shaklee opportunity was presented to us that day and it changed our lives forever.

We learned very quickly that the Shaklee products were absolutely remarkable. Soon after our family was started. Shaklee easily replaced Joanette's teaching salary and became her at-home career. What was so special is that Mike who was passionate about teaching high school kids continued to teach because he wanted to not because he had to."

Mike and Joanette Coogan

Thanks to CreateMyFuture–and the team of motivated, success-minded people it's helped me find–my business is now growing faster than in the past 14 years combined!!

"I haven't used (or seen) another system that has the proven, consistent results that CreateMyFuture produces. Because I know how hot a prospect is BEFORE I call them, I can manage my time and focus my attention accordingly.

For anyone working a business part-time, why would you want to waste time calling prospects without knowing if they've looked at your info... or how much... or how many times? Since using CreateMyFuture, Shaklee's annual "Top Achiever" awards (and trips) are now regular happenings for me! Before CreateMyFuture, I'd always have to ask where I was going to find all the people I'd need to help me get those awards and trips. Now CreateMyFuture provides me with all the contacts I need to grow my business...and it's just a matter of calling them. I'm so grateful to FINALLY have a system that creates success not only for me, but, more importantly, for my team!"

Kim Reed

Up until 3 months ago, I felt like I didn't have anyone to talk to about my business opportunity.

"Now I wake up each morning anxious to talk with those people who are interested in learning more about partnering with Roger Barnett, thanks to CreateMyFuture.

This system lets me talk to people who have already shown an interest in starting a home business."

Patti Stevens

Shaklee has paid us several million dollars over the past 35 years and we retired 20 years ago!

"Our personal success story began in 1971, when we found Shaklee. We were in our mid-twenties; both too busy working full-time just to earn a living.

We had 3 major dreams we wanted for our family:

... TIME FREEDOM, so we could spend the majority of our time with our children;
... FINANCIAL FREEDOM, so we could afford to have the things we wanted out of life without worrying about money;
... A RESIDUAL INCOME that would continue even if we stopped working.
Did we achieve our dreams? Well, by 1974, we both were full-time in Shaklee, enjoying our children while they were still young, and reaping the rewards of FINANCIAL FREEDOM by being our own boss and working from our home!

Over the years, Shaklee has paid us several million dollars in earnings! Although we have basically considered ourselves RETIRED for the last 20 years, we continue to be paid for work we did prior to 1985! Wouldn't you call that a great RESIDUAL INCOME? We sure do!"

Dix & Bunny Martin

I used to be afraid to pick up the phone. I had no idea what to say if someone actually answered.

"What message would I leave if they didn't answer?

Shaklee is a wonderful business opportunity...but I needed help. The CreateMyFuture system helped build my confidence with all the different phone scripts for every conceivable situation!

The lead programs give me people to call who are looking for what I have to offer...and the CreateMyFuture backoffice shows me exactly what to say to them!

It's a winning combination!"

Virginia Wright

Less than 10 days after signing up for my free CreateMyFuture trial, the system produced my first Gold Ambassador.

"I tried once to contact him... but we had connection problems.

Within a week, I had another prospect email me and say she was ready to make some money.

We again had phone connections problems!

So I basically never spoke with either of my new Gold Ambassadors before they signed up.

It's obvious to me the system works... with–or without–me! (Maybe it even works better without me!)

WOW! What an amazing system! I have another prospect that I have been communicating with who will sign up in a couple of days.

I have at least 3 Gold Ambassadors because of this system... and that's just in my first month!"

Diane Smith

Hi! My name is Jennifer Glacken and I am the CEO/President of Glacken Health & Wellness, where I market the Shaklee products and help people improve their health and their wealth.

"My Shaklee story started back when my son David was born 3 weeks premature. He had fluid on the lungs and was a very sick little baby. The doctors had told us that David was probably going to have asthma when he was older because he had so many respiratory infections.

A friend told me that if I used some of the Shaklee environmentally safe cleaning products that my son would get healthier. I can remember the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I could not understand how cleaning products could help my son.

But they did. David's health improved and we all started using the Shaklee nutritional supplements. My husband noticed more energy and less stress. I gained about 4 hours to my day with the Shaklee Soy Protein. When my daughter, Kelsey came along, she had the benefit of being a healthy Shaklee baby. I started sharing Shaklee with others. It became a hobby helping people improve their health.

We could not believe that there was a company with such integrity and high quality. The research that Shaklee does on their products is unheard of in this industry.

In 1999, my husband, Dan, lost his corporate job (where he had worked for 29 years!) We were devastated! We had a mortgage, car payments, credit card bills and two small children to raise.

I decided to turn my hobby into a full-time income. We have since then been on all expense paid trips around the world (our favorites have been London and Hawaii!)

Last year, my 1099 was for $81,000.

I am a stay-at-home Mom, homeschooling 2 children (David is now in the 7th grade and Kelsey is in the 5th grade), and I earn a full-time income on part-time hours.

Helping others create health and wealth! That is what my Shaklee business is all about."

Jennifer Glacken

I was earning a six-figure income as the Vice President of Engineering for a major corporation. One day, I got notice that my job (along with 6 other Vice Presidents) was being eliminated. Jobs were available in other cities, but we love being close to our married children and didn't want to move out of the area.

"Fortunately, my wife and I had already started a Shaklee business with the intention of using it for an early retirement. My "downsizing" expedited our need to build our Shaklee business right away!

It has been about three years since I was downsized and our Shaklee business now generates a higher income than the one I left. I walk 15 feet to my office and rarely run into rush hour traffic. I do most of my daily business in VERY casual attire and love it.

I now work with GREAT people who also want to build their own business. Think of a job where you call the hours, you decide how much vacation to take and when you will take it, you work with the people you want to work with and the only cap to your income is what YOU apply. I am helping people create that job every day and I LOVE it."

Jerry & Barbara Fischer

Would you like to escape Corporate America AND make a difference in people's lives? That is exactly what you can do with a Shaklee business.

"With a Marketing Degree from a BIG TEN University, I never thought I would consider starting my own network marketing business. That changed when I realized what it could mean for me.

Do you love your job enough to do it even if you didn't get paid? Well, I do. This business has given me the opportunity to positively impact the lives of many people. This career opportunity offers your prospects the ability to live their dreams. The products give them the ability to live healthful and energetic lives. You couldn't ask for a better combination!

A note about the products that support this opportunity - they REALLY make a difference! Shaklee has been a part of my life from the time I was three years old. When my sister was four, she was diagnosed with cancer. The Oncology Nurse told my parents about the Shaklee products. My family began using the products and did so throughout my childhood and teenage years. When I went to college I started using a different brand of supplements. After experiencing recurring sinus infections and digestive issues for over a year, my mom asked me to "humor her" and use the Shaklee products again. Within the first two months my health improved so significantly that I vowed to never use anything but Shaklee! It has been twelve years since my last sinus infection and I feel GREAT! I am proud to represent a company with such beneficial products backed by unmatched scientific research.

Get started with your "Fast Start" pack today to experience GREAT products and an AWESOME opportunity!"

Amy Davis

Twenty years ago as a corporate employee for a Fortune 500 Company, I was introduced to the Shaklee Career Opportunity and the Shaklee Products. At the time, I had no interest in the products or the business.

"However, I did try the starter nutrition package, only because it was money-back guarantee. That's all it took, to try one program and realize the great health benefits.

After a year of enjoying the products, I took a second look at the business opportunity. - I worked my business part-time while maintaining my full time corporate job. After a year and a half part-time, I became a stay-home mom.

I never looked back. Shaklee changed my life, and I am very grateful. Today we are at the beginning of the second phase of explosive global growth, this company will become #1 in the industry and you can be part of that explosive growth. I invite you to take a serious look at the opportunity."

Aleyda McKennon

Before Shaklee, I was a Technical Writer–a stressful job, with sporadic income.

"I didn't start with Shaklee as a business; I started using the nutritional products to treat my adult acne, since no traditional methods worked. It wasn't long before people started to say, "Hey, you look great! What are you using, and where can I get some?" That's how my business began, over 12 years ago.

Because of Shaklee, I've been able to determine my own schedule, goals and achievements. But what I love most about Shaklee is being able to help many others succeed along with me."

Kristelle Sim

Shaklee has truly changed our lives for the better. We started by using Basic H and the other Shaklee cleaning products six years ago when our daughter Kaelin was born. We added the Basics, the daily vitamin strip, plus the Energizing Soy Protein so we would have the strength and energy to be parents of an active toddler. We noticed a wonderful difference in our health and our outlook on life as we used these products. Then, the universe provided us an opportunity to start a Shaklee business of our own.

"A year after 9/11 Tom's business, a not-for-profit Healing Center, closed due to lack of funding and Newelle's private counseling practice slowed way down as the economy here in New York dried up. Inspiration struck, once we realized we didn't have to "sell" anything, but could share the wonderful benefits of Shaklee and Air Source and we began our own home business. Our desire to help other people find better health and financial security was a strong motivation for us.

One year later, the financial and personal results have been stunning! But we didn't do this alone. We have been taught, coached and cheered on by our "up line" and continually supported by the integrity of the Shaklee Corporation and the efficacy of their products.

It has given us optimum health, a lifestyle that we love and meaningful work we enjoy everyday."

Newelle McDonald & Tom Fuld

We live in a small town just east of Dallas, Texas. Before retiring on Dec. 31, 2004 from our J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), we were both in the banking industry. I was working for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and Gloria worked for Bank One as a Teller. We saw a lot of money but never had much of our own.

"We're excited about the opportunity Shaklee gives us. Because of it, we have the ability to add to our retirement income and we have fun helping people feel better, look younger and be able to spend more time with their families. Shaklee is a phenomenal company with awesome products. We're glad we accepted Roger's offer and hope you will too and we'll "See You At The Top"."

Ed & Gloria Olszewski

Chicago Shaklee Convention 2005, Roaring 20's Gala

This business is FUN!

"Where else can you have this much fun in a business? Over the past 28 year we've traveled the world at Shaklee's expense, seen places we probably would have never seen, met a lot of really nice people from all over the country and played while we worked.

This business is fun! You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, be around positive people and have great conversations for possibilities. You get to dream and create whatever you want. You get to see others dream and succeed. You get to work with people you like working with and in our family we've been blessed to have 3 Generations in the business with the 4th Generation in training :-) What fun to hear our grandson say, "Have a great Shaklee Day!".

If everyone knew how much fun this business is, we wouldn't have enough applications to go around!"

Bob & Nicole Alo

I was searching for quality, organic supplements after being diagnosed with Celiac, Chronic Pancreatitis, Lupus disease, and Environmental illness. I tried many health store brands and didn't notice a significant difference in my health and energy. Then I found Shaklee!

"The Shaklee supplements made all the difference in my health. I felt a difference in my energy levels within 30 minutes! I started sleeping better and my blood work improved dramatically. Today I have more energy and I rarely get sick!! My whole family takes Shaklee religiously and their health is better than ever!

This business has given me back my hopes and dreams. Not long ago, I though I would never work again. I am able to provide income for my family - taking some of the load off my husband, and at the same time make a positive impact on the lives of others. I love that I have a career with a conscience!"

Kerry McKenzie

I haven't had a cold or the flu in 12 years! I haven't sneezed in my home in a year and a half! My arthritis doesn't hurt anymore! I'm rid of those annoying hot flashes! My energy is endless, even if I AM a grandmother of three!

"I no longer get into traffic jams or work for someone else (who I can't please, or who has less integrity than I). I have lots more free time and lots less worry about my health and financial future.

Our team will work with you to create Financial Freedom with great tax benefits, residual income, unlimited opportunity and unmatched support from an outstanding company. No More Boss!"

Laila Mastifino

I was healthy all my life until I had an accident. For the next 10 years my left thigh never stopped aching. I tried everything I could find in the health food stores, but nothing ever helped for long.

"Then about 5 years ago, I tried Shaklee's product for joint pain and within a month my thigh stopped hurting.

Recently, I totally over-did it and bowled 5 games with my grandson. My chronic thigh pain returned. The good news? Shaklee came to the rescue once again and the pain disappeared within 3 days! I feel better now than I have in 10 years.

Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?"

Sarah Roth

My parents first discovered Shaklee when I was 7 years old, almost 30 years ago. They were Key Coordinators with the company and spoke at many large conventions – I still have their speech on tape. I grew up at an optimal level of health. I have taken the nutritional products ever since.

"When I met my husband, he started on the products also, and both of our children are "Shaklee babies" and they have been drinking the Energizing Soy Protein twice a day since they were old enough to use a sippy cup. We are seldom sick in our family and none of us have any chronic problems. My husband grew up with asthma and since he has been on the products, he doesn't seem to have any trouble with it. We are so excited about the growth Shaklee is about to experience! Come join us as we move forward to success!"

Ralph & Wendy Ruocco

Nine years ago, I was not in good health. Years of fighting severe allergies left me feeling exhausted and depressed. My knees hurt so badly that I couldn't move sometimes. (Do you ever feel like that?) I seldom felt good. My kids were at the doctor's every 6 weeks with bronchitis or some "bug". Back then we thought that was normal, because no one had a "disease". Now we know better!

"Since I started my Shaklee/AirSource business, 90% of my allergy symptoms are gone. I am virtually drug free for the first time since I was 8 years old. My allergist didn't believe that I no longer had allergy attacks or asthma, so I fired him. My husband and kids are healthier than they've ever been. It's a blast to look younger at 45 than I did at 35. I like it!

I grossed over $37,000 in 2003. I took a leave of absence from my business to tend to my new baby and my income remained stable. Can you take 18 months off of your job and still get paid like you worked? I spend about 12 hours/week on Shaklee. My income has increased every year that we've been in Shaklee.

To me, Shaklee is the most family-friendly company I know. My children have the rights to inherit my Shaklee business. I get legal tax breaks like the "big guys", which protects my income.

Do you know anyone who might want to know about something like that?

I could never go back to a corporate job. Shaklee has integrity, stability, and is going global. As a busy mother of five, I know that Shaklee can fit anyone's lifestyle. I live my passion everyday."

Karen Hurd

In 1978, we first heard about Shaklee's vitamins from our dentist, a periodontist. Since then, we have been taking consistently Shaklee supplements. We have been blessed with remarkable health benefits.

"Jo Ann's low blood sugar problems went away---didn't need to take daily afternoon naps. Jerry has had less colds and flu symptoms and lost 17 pounds and has kept the weight off.

After trying all the Shaklee products we learned that there was a terrific money-making opportunity representing Shaklee by teaching others how to stay healthy, too! Working part-time from home, we began our business in March 1980. Jerry joined Jo Ann full time in 1991.We have since been given 9 beautiful Bonus Cars and have taken annual Shaklee expense-paid trips with our kids at least twice a year to exotic places like Paris, Rome, Geneva and Hawaii. And in 1998, were promoted to Master Coordinators with a six figure income!"

Jo Ann & Jerry Aldrich

My Shaklee story began some 33 years ago when, to my great fortune, I was born to Shaklee sales leaders, Bob and Lorri Kreuscher.

"Thanks to Shaklee nutrition I was raised "prescription drug free"... in fact, we were never even given simple things like cough syrup. Mom always had a Shaklee solution.

Shaklee has been a fabulous way of life that I want to carry on for my family. I want to take our children, Austin and Ellie along with my wonderful husband, Eric, on all the great Shaklee trips. The freedom and flexibility, the world-wide travel, and the joy of helping others is very motivating and inspiring.

Shaklee can be your "American Dream"!! It doesn't take money, education, or experience ... "Desire" alone will qualify you.

So whether you are looking for the ultimate in health enhancing products or have a desire to build your own exciting business .... SHAKLEE CAN DELIVER all of this and more! Call us, we'd love to hear from you."

Eric & Amber Bernhardt

We have been enjoying good health through taking food supplements for more than the past 25 years. We were introduced to Shaklee just a few years ago by a chiropractor that was treating our daughter. At the time we thought that all natural vitamins and supplements were the same, but we tried the Shaklee supplements just to encourage our daughter.

"After about 30 days of taking the Shaklee supplements, we noticed an improvement in the energy that we had and liked the products so well that we decided to sell them."

Jean & Bob Neulen

I was introduced to Shaklee in 1984 when I attended my 25 year High School Class Reunion. When the program was over my best friend from High School, who I hadn't seen since we graduated, invited me over to his house. I was surprised since we hadn't been in touch. As it turned out, the only reason he invited me was because he wanted to introduce me to Shaklee.

"I had never heard of Shaklee before this & because of a bad experience with a pushy salesman many years before, I was not interested in getting involved in a "sales" business.

After some catching up & a friendly visit, he gave me some materials to look over on the way home which was a 9 hour drive. As I was reading the then current issue of "Shaklee News", I was so impressed with the science behind the development of their new product "Slim Plan" drink mix that as soon as I got home I called him back & signed up as a member.

Over the last 21 years I've fallen in love with all of the products & I use them regularly. After the basic Foundation products, I've received the most benefit from Immunity Formula I. Adding that to my daily supplement program has given me great results by eliminating the allergy symptoms I had struggled with for years."

Paul & Linda Young

A friend of mine, who is a registered nurse, told me about Shaklee products nearly 25 years ago. I've been taking the protein and supplements since that time.

"I'm in excellent health, feel good, and people tell me how young I look (for my age.)

Now that I'm retiring in a few years, Shaklee will help me supplement retirement income. Well, my timing couldn't have been better. For almost 50 years Shaklee products have set the standard for quality.

I'm excited to be a part of this wellness revolution. It's the perfect time to be a part of this perfect company."

Linda Weber

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you what happened to me! Before I tried Shaklee products, I had lots of colds -- one right after the other. And even worse, the colds invariably turned into bronchitis which meant shots, antibiotics, cough medicine -- the works!

"However, now – after regularly taking Shaklee products – my colds are a thing of the past. Elroy and I are retired, and because we love these products so much, we decided to set up our own business to market them to others, like us -- and that's what we've done.

Our mission now is to help others make good decisions about their health, environment and potential income with Shaklee."

Edna & Elroy Nussbaum

Health and wellness became a huge part of my life plan when I lost my health to cancer almost 30 years ago. A wonderful friend and fellow teacher introduced me to these unbelievable products--- products that were guaranteed to work or my money back.

"I began sharing my great results with friends and family 25 years ago and that launched me into this incredible business. Because Shaklee is well known for its integrity and clinical research we are proud to offer the products and the business opportunity."

Virginia Bean

I began using Shaklee products nearly thirty years ago, in the mid 1970's, when I accidentally discovered them while researching the benefits of vitamins for human beings.

"At that time, I had recently read what horse breeders had known for years: there was a known, precise dosage of vitamins and minerals to feed their million dollar, prize-winning horses in order to keep them in prime condition.

Investors in horses know how to protect their investments, to be sure.

So, somewhat in shock, I asked myself, "Now, why don't I deserve the same kind of meticulous care that a prize horse gets?"

My doctor just laughed at me when I asked what I could take to have more energy. "You're just getting older," was his amused reply. I wasn't amused, so I kept asking questions and looking for answers.

By accident, I found and began using Shaklee food supplements. I had been using another brand, but noticed within weeks, the difference in my energy level. I especially noticed the effect of the B vitamins on my mental outlook and temperament. (I can still tell when I have forgotten to take my B complex). Acting upon my concern for what we are doing to our water supplies, I soon started using the environmentally safe cleaning products. I now had plenty of energy for all that I was trying to do as wife, mother, and full time teacher. I was hooked for life on Shaklee.

Living in Cincinnati at the time, I started attending fabulous Shaklee meetings, where I learned about the science behind the products and also became excited about the opportunity to supplement my teacher's salary. I'm a certified English teacher (B.A., Univ.of Rhode Island) and Reading Specialist (M.Ed., Univ.of Cincinnati).

I continued using even more of the products when I moved to Virginia in 1984 and taught full time until just a few years ago. Now I offer private tutoring lessons for dyslexics 12 hours per week. However, the teaching bug is so deeply ingrained by now that these days I am using my skills to share with others what I know about the benefits of Dr Forest Shaklee's legacy: 1. the powerful effect of Shaklee products on their physical and mental well-being and 2. Shaklee's generous opportunities for their enhancing their financial well-being. I love what I'm doing with my life experiences, which are now helping more people than ever."

Connie Porter

I've been involved in a home-based business for 14 years, so I've learned what works&ndash'and what doesn't.

"I like to have several different ways of marketing my business...the starting with just talking to the people we meet every day just doing the things we do naturally. That's always worked very well for me. I love interacting with people and developing personal relationships.

Two years ago, our lives took on a new look when our daughter returned home with her newborn daughter after a failed marriage. We became the primary caregivers of a beautiful, adorable little girl. Our freedom to go when we pleased...meet people...schedule presentations...and build our business was changed when our daily schedule revolved around our granddaughter.

I've tried very hard to continue to meet with people and build our business, but finally decided that the frustration had to be traded in for something that could work better if there was a solid, workable system attached. That's when we found CreateMyFuture.

I was excited as I started to learn the CreateMyFuture system, and realized how simple this would be.

Probably the neatest part of this system is that it's like having all the ingredients for a good recipe and all you need to do is add the water, stir and bake.

The CMF program has everything that a new distributor–or a serious business builder–needs to start, enhance or build a business in this industry.

The comfort level is amazing because after doing a few calls, it just starts to become second nature because the scripts are great."

Coni Dutka

Six months ago we joined Shaklee through the CreateMyFuture system.

"The CreateMyFuture backoffice was the deciding factor in our decision to sign up with our group...because we knew a large organization requires the comprehensive support that this system provides.

We use CreateMyFuture exclusively...have sponsored eight people as a direct result of it... and depend on it to manage our leads and prospects."

Hugh & Theresa Mayhew

Would an extra $30,000 a year make a difference in your current lifestyle? I was blessed to live this lifestyle and want to share it with others who only dream of it. I see myself coaching and mentoring those who are passionate about life.

"I understood the power of leverage right away when I was introduced to this company called Shaklee. As a seamstress, my earnings were directly related to how fast I could sew.

Now over 21 years later I look at all that Shaklee has given me in tangible and intangible benefits. The personal growth, the fabulous health, the positive outlook, and of course the cash, cars and conventions aren't bad!

I love most to talk about the new home that Shaklee helped to buy. I am currently living in our dream home, overlooking a pond. I feel like a princess every morning, and so thankful for the opportunity to share my dreams with others.

Those dreams YOU want are there for you too! You just need to Believe!!!"

Deb Villarese

I have had the pleasure of being involved with this wonderful company since 1981 and have been consistently pleased and proud of what Shaklee stands for what they do and have done through the years to further the goal of improving the lives of everyone we touch. It's refreshing to be associated with a company with such integrity.

"I joined Shaklee because of the career opportunity it offers and have not been disappointed in the least...along with being able to provide for myself comfortably, I have also been rewarded with many other benefits - such as all expense paid luxury trips all over the world and the very best benefit of all- improved health! The opportunity is certainly here and is available to anyone!

The financial rewards have been terrific, but I truly find the greatest reward in being able to SHARE the opportunity and these wonderful products with SO many people through this remarkable marketing system.

Time is a precious commodity and so is our health...with Shaklee you can have both...along with a very fulfilling career!"

Janet Brugh

Since we were married in 1990, Shaklee products have been an essential part of our home. We were both teachers in a fairly large urban school system and we were attracted to Shaklee because of their commitment to helping others.

"In addition, Mark (coming from a science background) was impressed with Shaklee's commitment to the health of the environment. Shaklee offers terrific earth friendly cleaning products; as well as amazing water and air purification products. This is important; our grandchildren deserve clean air, and an inhabitable planet."

Kathy Kirby & Mark Fisher

Joyce and I joined Shaklee 34 years ago to maintain and improve our health.

"We are enjoying very good health and we give Shaklee Products a lot of the credit. I have only missed 5 days of work in the last 34 years and that alone has been worth every cent we have paid for Shaklee Products.

We have told others about these great products and we now have a number of loyal customers and some have been with us for over 30 years.

Go ahead and try Shaklee Products. No risk - you get a money back guarantee… and see for yourself why we've been using the products for over 34 years."

Joyce & George McGarry